Certificate in Corporate Tax Analysis

Course Overview

Session 1 – Basic Concepts of Income Tax

Concepts of Income Tax

  • Who and what is subject to income tax? Where does income arise?
  • Understand the tax concept of residence and domicile
  • Understand the difference between income and capital

Deductible Expenses

  • Understand the need to adjust the accounting profit to calculate the tax profit
  • Determine what are the allowable expenses (positive test) and the disallowed expenses (negative test)
  • Understand capital allowances
  • Understand NID
Session 2 – Taxation of Companies and Tax Accounting Rules


  • Understand exempt income for companies and non-resident
  • Understand the meaning of the participating holding and its relevance

Arriving at the Tax Charge

  • Practical examples of different scenarios and how to calculate chargeable income

Tax Accounting Rules

  • Identify the different types of tax accounts
  • Identify to which tax account profits should be allocated to
Session 3– Double Taxation Relief & The Refundable Tax Credit

Double Taxation Relief

  • Understand the nature and causes of double taxation
  • Understand the operation of the 4 mechanisms contemplated in the Maltese tax system for the elimination of double taxation
  • Understand how double taxation is eliminated through examples

The Refundable Tax Credit

  • Understand who is eligible for the refundable tax credit
  • Understand how to register shareholders’ for this purpose
  • Understand how to calculated the refundable tax credit through examples
  • Understand how to complete a refundable tax credit application
Session 4 – Completing The Income Tax Return

Completing the Income Tax Return

  • Practical session, preparing an income tax return from beginning to end
  • Going through the different tax return attachments and provide examples of when these must be used and how these should be reported in the tax return

Certificate in Corporate Tax Analysis

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