MIM Customised Training Courses

The demand for customised training programmes for business organisations’ employees is on the rise. Since the backbone of any business’s operation is its workforce; the need for properly trained employees is clearly becoming more and more important.

In many cases one size does not fit all. Training courses need to be designed specifically to cater to employees’ specific training requirements.

The skills employees require today necessitates constantly training and upgrading their skill sets as required by changes in market dynamics and the effects of globalisation on business operations everywhere. Failure to do so runs the risk of having employees unable to function or challenge in today’s complex and fast paced business environment and market places. This ultimately leads to an obsolete business model and failure to keep up wth change.

Given the importance of personalised training for company employees, MIM has forged alliances and partnerships with leading companies to create and develop specialised training programmes that we deem so essential for the survival of businesses. These courses will make a massive impact on the efficiency, abilities and well being of employees within a business organisation.

With over 25 years experience developing and implementing such specialised educational programmes along with our adherence to high standards and quality we are confident that we can transform your employees into a highly effective, capable and powerful workforce.

MIM Training Benefits

Up-Front Needs Analyses;

Only by fully understanding the employees’ and managers’ specific needs, can such a course be truly effective. We will sit down with you in an initial meeting to fully understand what you really need. Once this has been established clearly, a course will be structured and tailor made for your organisation’s employees. This guarantees the most effective training and reaches our goal of excellence in achieving increased capabilities for our clients’ employees and reaching corporate objectives.

Competency-Based Programmes

All MIM’s development programmes and educational courses are designed and based on the principles of competency modelling. They have been structured to impart skills, knowledge and competencies that have been tried and tested by our highly experienced team of intellectuals and business experts that form our team of lecturers. Their first hand knowledge of business processes and methods have been proven to be successful and effective.

Customisation and Custom Development

Our unique organisational capabilities ensure that we are well positioned to design assessment systems and processes customised to any business organisation’s specific requirements and needs. Our research methods produce custom made assessment instruments making with research build units and courses from scratch.

Scalable Delivery

Our flexibility means that we cater to various course types such as individual units, workshops, a certificate programme or even full training and curriculum development and implementation. Whatever level or type, all our courses are specially designed to be as effective and beneficial as possible no matter which course type is chosen.

Cost Effective

On site training can be provided and is a cost effective option which avoids time and money wastage involved with travel of staff to another destination.


These tailor made courses offer complete flexibility and can be held when and where clients decide.


Since these special, tailor made training courses are designed solely for a specific client, we can ensure confidentiality and participants will have the freedom to explore sensitive, confidential or propriety issues.

Top-notch Lecturers

MIM has strict guideline and high standards. Consequently, all our lecturers have strong academic backgrounds as well as practical experience in the field. This ensures participants get the most out of every single course we offer and in addition receive an applied perspective.

These are just some examples of customised courses we are able to offer, pricing of which is available upon request:

  • Essential Skills to Get the Most from your Staff
  • Better Communication Skills at Work – Communication that Delivers Results
  • Health & Safety at Work
  • Effective Telephone Skills
  • Going The Extra Mile: Achieving Excellence in Customer Service
  • Creating Powerful Relationships Through Networking
  • Finance for Non Financial Managers
  • Interpretation of Company Accounts
  • Fundamentals of Marketing

Interested? Send us an email on [email protected] or call us on 21456820. We are more than happy   on how the MIM can cater for your organisational training needs feel free to contact us for further information and to set up a meeting.