Public Speaking

The course provides practice and focus on body language rather than just knowledge. The power of keeping the audience eyes and ears on you. And above all that, their mind syncing with yours.

Covering also presentations and their process. From creation to relaying the message which is the most important part.

Dealing with fear of speaking and performing in front of an audience.

Practice is also covered. How to perform the same presentation to what crowds.

Focus on understanding that the only way to master public speaking is to do it.

Topics Covered:

  • Communication and listening
  • CONFIDENCE – Selling yourself 
  • Becoming friends with your own fears
  • Talking to your audience
  • The art of delivering the message
  • It’s not what you know but how you say it
  • Practise 
  • Be prepared!
  • The use of Humour 

This content is updated with what’s happening in the current world affairs and how to implement them in your speeches.

Course Duration:

16 hours – lessons

3 hour session (On an actual stage with students giving their own speech)